Choosing the right dance studio for you, or your child, is a big decision! Whether you’re new to dance and are looking for a place to begin your journey, or you’ve been dancing for years and are looking for a chance of pace, it’s important to do your research. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a dance studio. Class size, staff credentials, and the safety of the facility are all important elements to determine which studio is the best fit for you or your child. Explore our ten questions to ask when choosing a dance studio:


1. How Many Students are in Each Class?

At Kennebec Dance Centre, we strongly believe that a smaller class size is important. Smaller classes allow our instructors to focus more on each student, offering them the support they need as they learn. As students learn new dance techniques, it’s important they understand instructions and new concepts correctly. Smaller classes also allow our instructors to closely monitor each student’s progress. Remember, it’s quality not quantity that you’re looking for with class size when choosing a dance studio!


2. Where Can I Find Staff Information and Biographies?

When choosing a dance studio, it’s important to ask for the instructors’ credentials. This will help determine whether your dancer will receive the best quality training and dance education as possible. A dance studio should be incredibly proud of their instructors’ qualifications! If their resumes and accolades are not easy to find online, either on the studio’s website or Facebook Page, that may be a red flag. KDC proudly displays staff bios on our website at:


3. Are There Any Safety Elements in Place at the Studio?

A dance studio should have a variety of policies in place to ensure the safety of their dancers. Examples of studio policies are food allergy-related policies, pet policies, weather closing policies and more. If safety is a concern for you or your young dancer, it’s important to thoroughly research the environment you’ll potentially be bringing them into each week. You can see all of KDC’s policies on our website at:


4. What Precautions does the Studio Take to Avoid Dance-Related Injuries


An important way to help prevent injuries for dancers is to ensure they’re dancing on professional quality flooring. At KDC, all 3 of our facility’s dance studios include professionally handcrafted sprung-floor systems designed with an inner layer of high-density foam to reduce impact and prevent injuries. The floors are covered with high-quality vinyl dance flooring called marley. Learn more about the KDC facility and take a virtual tour today: Be sure to ask questions about a studio’s floor when choosing a dance studio.


5. Does the Studio Collaborate with Other Dance Organizations?

Collaborating with other dance related organizations is a great way for a studio to stay on top of the latest industry happenings, learn new techniques and evolve their class offerings for students. When choosing a dance studio, ask about any collaborations they offer with outside instructors, or organizations. KDC is proud to be partnering with CLI Studios this fall, to offer students interactive master classes with some of LA’s top choreographers. We’ll be offering several interactive master classes throughout the year. The best part? Our studio is equipped with the latest and greatest technology to ensure this experience is amazing-  including a 92″ screen with a high definition projector for an almost lifelike experience.

Collaborations are important to us! We’re excited to offer our CLI master classes to dancers from ALL studios, not just KDC. We warmly welcome everyone to dance with us regardless of where they are currently registered. Stay tuned for additional information, coming soon!


6. Do the Dancers get the Opportunity to Perform in the Community?

In addition to collaborating with dance related organizations, it’s also important for a studio to be present in their local community as well! Does the studio perform at various functions around town? This is a great way to get dancers used to performing publicly! KDC is proud to perform at various events throughout central Maine, including July 4th street parades, tree lighting celebrations during the holidays and many others.


7. Are there a Variety of Class Offerings?

Before committing to a dance studio, make sure you understand your dancer’s goals. Is there a specific focus they’re hoping to advance in? If so, make sure the studio you select has a variety of classes in that discipline so your dancer is able to advance over time. It’s also important to remember that a dancer is allowed to change their mind about their focus of choice! Does the studio you’re considering offer more than just ballet or tap? Thoroughly explore the classes they offer and speak to a representative at the studio to gain additional clarity on the classes they offer. Kennebec Dance Centre offers ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, pre-dance, master classes and summer dance programs. Learn more at:


8. What is the Condition of the Facility? Be Sure to Check this When Choosing a Dance Studio

When considering a dance studio, be sure to tour the building first to check for important details like cleanliness, safety of entrances and exits and adequate lighting. Does the building seem outdated, or dirty? Take these things into consideration before committing to a studio.  KDC’s beautiful dance facility consists of three spacious studios. The floors are covered with high-quality vinyl dance flooring (marley). Each studio also features wall-mounted ballet barres and twelve-foot mirrors. Our website offers a virtual tour for anyone interested in learning more:


9. Does the Studio Offer Necessary Dancewear and Shoes?

Ensure the dance studio you select helps you find the necessary footwear and shoes needed throughout the year. It can be a challenge to order dance shoes online, especially for dancers with growing bodies, because each style and brand uses a different sizing system and each shoe fits differently. For your convenience, Kennebec Dance Centre sells all of the dance clothing and dance footwear that you need for class. We help take the guesswork out of shopping for dance necessities. Contact us for more information about purchasing dancewear at KDC.


10. How Does the Studio Communicate with Dancers and their Families?

Is there an up-to-date website or Facebook Page to get current studio information? Does the studio use their website or social media to keep families informed of news, weather-related closings and general announcements? Are the payment options for classes clear? Can payment be taken online or simply in person? These are all important questions to ask the studio! A quality studio will be able to quickly address these concerns, and effectively communicate with students and their families. Learn more today:

Kennebec Dance Centre Studio Hours:

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