Learn and play in our preschool creative movement classes.

Pre Dance (Ages 3-4)

Pre Dance is a ballet-based creative movement class designed for children ages three and four. This class is 30 minutes long and meets weekly during the school year. Maximum class size is twelve children, so that we can ensure lots of individual attention for everyone.

Pre Dance is intended for young dancers who are comfortable dancing without a parent in the studio with them. However, parents are invited to watch class though our large observation windows so our young dancers can keep Mom, Dad, or Grandma in sight and vice versa.

Pre Dance Class

Ballet & Tap Combo (Ages 4-5)

Around age five, children begin to fine-tune the motor skills and concentration required to begin learning dance technique. Because ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance, we begin with ballet first – focusing on body and feet positions and basic ballet movements: tendu, plié, relevé, bourreé, etc.

We also begin tap at this age, working on strength and control to create specific sounds with the feet: toe and heel taps, shuffles, flaps, ball change, and more.

Ballet & Tap Combo is a 45-minute, beginner-level class that meets weekly during the school year. Maximum class size is twelve students.

Ballet & Tap Combo at KDC

Pre Dance Faculty

Renée Black

Renée Black

Melanie Michaud

Melanie Michaud