How to Choose the Right Dance Instructor: 3 Key Qualities

Choosing the Right Dance Instructor

There are several qualities to look for when selecting the right dance instructor for you or your child. Considerations should include a teacher’s dance background and experience, their willingness to help you set dance goals (regardless of how small or big they may be) and their commitment to respecting and supporting their students. Whether you or your child are looking to make dance a big part of your lives, or you’re simply interested in picking up a new activity, choosing the right dance instructor is important. Explore three key qualities that every dance instructor should possess:


1). They’re Proud of Their Dance Background

By reviewing an instructor’s background, you’ll gain important insight into their past dance experience, which may help determine whether they’re qualified to teach you or your child. A teacher’s bio should be displayed on the dance studio’s website, and highlight their experience in performance, choreography and teaching. Things to look for include the training they’ve accomplished, as well as their specific dance specialties.

According to Dance Place, here are some additional questions to ask a potential dance instructor:

• Who their dance instructors were
• Where they trained
• What their teaching background is (dance and otherwise)
• How long they have been dancing
• Knowledge about current events and dance history

A few red flags to watch out for may include:
• A teacher who is “self-taught,” or “learned socially”
• Dancing for a very short period of time
• Unaware of dance history

KDC proudly displays our instructors’ bios on our website at:


2). They Help You Understand Your Dance Goals

A dancer may begin dancing for a variety of reasons, from looking to achieve new fitness goals to aspiring to become a professional dancer. It’s important for you to recognize what you’re looking to get out of a dance class in order for you to set appropriate goals for yourself. Once you pinpoint your dance goals, an instructor should support you in accomplishing them. The right dance instructor should seek to have a clear understanding of each students’ individual goals, regardless of how small or big they may be!

“A teacher should also be able to assess your resources and what path will work best for you. If you aim to be a teacher, they should be able to suggest paths you can take to accomplish this. If you aim to perform, they should recommend the type of training you need to improve. If you just want to social dance, they should also be able to adjust accordingly” (Take Lessons).

At Kennebec Dance Centre, we understand the importance of communicating with our students to understand their short-term and long-term dance goals. We value each of our dancers’ goals, whether they’re looking to make dance their fulltime career or simply want to meet new people in their area. Give our team a call today to discuss your dance goals at


3). They Consistently Support and Respect You

According to Dance Advantage, “great dance teachers are sensitive to the needs of each dance student, regardless of ability or innate talent, and works to find the best way to encourage each pupil. A great dance teacher believes in you, encourages you, cheers your successes, and helps you understand and correct your mistakes.”
It’s important for a dance teacher to understand the communication styles of their dancers. For example, does a student perform better when pushed to their full potential? Or do they prefer to take things at a slower pace? Regardless of how each student prefers to learn, a great instructor should value each students’ individuality and ability. She should “expect you to progress and do your best, and resists giving up on you even when you fail to meet those expectations. You might also say she loves students as much as she loves dance and teaching” (Dance Advantage).

Last, the right dance instructor should always facilitate a “safe dancing environment for his/her students and puts your mental as well physical health at the top priority” (Dance Bible).

At KDC, we understand that being a dance instructor also means acting as a mentor to our students. Whether that requires talking through a bad day with a dancer, or giving the best possible advice when they’re injured. We always want our students to feel cared for and supported.