Dance Competition Prep: How to Prepare Properly

An Introduction to Dance Competition Prep

As dance competition season looms closer, it can be a little overwhelming to navigate! How should you properly prepare? Do you have everything you need to do your best? What things should you avoid as competitions get closer?

At KDC, our staff has been participating in a variety of competitions for a long time; from the events we’ve competed in ourselves as dancers as well as the competitions we’ve taken our dancers to throughout the years. We’ve compiled our best tips to making it through a dance competition as stress free as possible!

Let’s explore pointers for dance competition prep, below.


  1. Check in with any chaperones and teachers.

If you’re the parent of younger dancers, this may be at the top of your to-do list. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information about who the chaperones will be, how many chaperones will be attending the trip and what their expectations are of your child during the trip.


  1. Let yourself get excited!

It’s okay to feel nervous and a bit jittery! You have worked super hard for this moment, so try to enjoy it as much as possible and understand that nerves are a normal part of the dance competition prep process.

To help improve endurance leading up to the competition, try gentle jogging in supportive shoes! Also, remember that stretching properly is an absolute must.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

It’s okay if you want to make sure you’re crystal clear about where you or your child needs to be on the day your team is leaving for competition. This is all part of normal dance competition prep. Or if you are curious about which chaperones will be driving, or if a bus is being rented instead. Make a list of any transportation related questions you have and don’t be afraid to ask your dance studio’s team!


  1. Create your own personal dance competition survival kit.

Think about things that will help you calm down and relax before your competition. Is it a specific song you want to listen to? Or your favorite snack? Plan ahead so you’re as stress-free and relaxed as possible before your big dance! Remember, your instructors will take care of the basic things you need such as hair products, any specific clothing needs, etc.


  1. Focus on your goals

As competition gets closer, your fellow dancers will be talking about their own routines, and it can be easy to play the comparison game. Remain focused on your own goals! Focus on your strengths, and all of the amazing parts of your routine to avoid becoming distracted by what other dancers have going on around you. This is an important part of dance competition prep.

dance competition prep

  1. Stay Hydrated – but avoid chugging water!

Drinking plenty of water is important, but don’t overdo it. Drinking an excess of water immediately before your competition can make you feel faint. Focus on getting an adequate amount of water in the weeks leading up to your performance and you’ll be in great shape.


  1. Remain positive

Dance competitions can lead to some amazing opportunities, new friends, and a refreshed love of the sport. Try to take it all in and remain positive and grateful throughout the experience, regardless of the outcome. This is an element of great dance competition prep you may not have considered. It’s up to you to make it a wonderful experience!


  1. Run through choreography one last time in full costume.

This will ensure you’re super prepared and ready to perform at your absolute best.


  1. Trust your choreographers to help bring your creative vision to life.

We know that taking constructive criticism can sometimes be tough. However, trusting your choreographer is super important to the success of your routine. They are able to help guide elements of your performance to be the absolute best that it can be, and they also know and can explain what the judges are looking for. Be as open as possible to their suggestions!


  1. Remember how important your dance health is.

To remain ready to go for your competition, it’s imperative that you take care of your body properly! The best way to avoid injuries is by staying strong, keeping an eye on your nutrition and paying attention to your mental health. Read more about dance health now >



Dance competitions are a wonderful way for your child to remain motivated throughout the dance season, meet new friends and challenge themselves. Competitions can also be a bit nerve-wracking if you’re not properly prepared and aren’t sure what to expect. Review our tips above for dance competition prep and you’ll be ready to go come competition time! You’ve got this!