How to Master a New Dance Style This Year

An Introduction to Learning a New Dance Style

Learning a new dance style is a great way to become a well-rounded dancer. Becoming a versatile dancer can help you strengthen different muscle groups, expose you to a new style of dance you may really love and allow you to develop new skills. Consider finding a dance studio that offers several types of dance classes, from hip hop to jazz and contemporary. Then, speak to an experienced dance instructor about your dance goals.  They can help you come up with a plan for which new dance style would be a great fit for you to try.

Let’s explore why trying a new dance class is important, review an overview of several dance types and learn how to get started.


Why Should You Try a New Dance Style? Young Dancer Dancing in Pink Shirt

There are many benefits to trying a new style of dance.

  1. Joining a new dance class allows you to meet new people in your studio or become closer with dancers you haven’t spent a lot of time with previously.
  2. Discussing your interest in trying a new dance style is a great way for you and your instructor to talk about some important questions, such as:
    • What other types of dance interest you?
    • Do you have time to take on an additional type of dance right now?
    • What are your short term and long-term dance goals?
    • Are there areas of improvement you could work on within your current dance discipline?
  3. Practicing a new type of dance may lead you to a new dance style that you absolutely love. In contrast, if you try a new type of dance and don’t love it, it may make you appreciate your current discipline even more, which is okay too!
  4. Exploring different dance styles allows you to rest certain muscle groups you consistently work in dance practice and competitions. Additionally, it also lets you strengthen new areas of your body that you don’t typically engage.
  5. Finally, learning a new dance style may inspire you in ways you never thought possible.


Exploring Different Styles of Dance

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that has grown to encompass many different dance styles. It has firm roots in ballet technique and also combines elements of jazz, lyrical, and modern dance.

Contemporary dance incudes:

  • quick directional changes
  • fluid progressions
  • counter balances
  • sustained positions

The goal of a contemporary dance class is to prepare a dancer’s body for a wide range of movement possibilities.


Hip Hop Dance

Hip hop dance is a fantastic way for both kids and adults to have fun while getting into shape. At KDC, instructors first teach students basic hip hop dance moves in fun combinations that help to enhance and develop coordination and get them ready for more complicated steps. As they become more advanced, hip-hop classes take these steps to the next level with faster and more challenging choreography with lots of freestyle, breaking, popping, locking, and more.


Jazz Dance

Jazz is an energizing, upbeat and exciting style of dance. A typical jazz class may begin with a warm-up of stretching exercises, body conditioning, and isolation movements, followed by across-the-floor progressions, and a center combination. As dancers grow and improve, more technique is introduced and movements and combinations become more complex. The dance technique learned in ballet is a wonderful base for new jazz dancers! The balance and body placement learned in ballet is applied in jazz technique to help dancers execute complicated movements and achieve the beautiful lines created by jazz choreography.


Summer Dance Programs - New Dance Style

How to Start Learning a New Dance Style

  1. Focus on the fundamentals first. It’s important to be patient with yourself and avoid overwhelm when learning new dance techniques. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the process! Always focus on the fundamentals first and foremost.
  2. Research experienced dancers you admire. This is a great way to see the potential of the style of dance. Although it’s important to develop your own personal style, it can be encouraging to see how experienced and talented dancers master a dance style.
  3. Consider videotaping yourself as you dance. This will allow you to see which specific areas need improvement as you learn a new dance style. Don’t be afraid to ask your dance instructor to watch the video, too, so you’re able to hear their expert opinion on the areas you should focus on to improve.
  4. Ask your instructor for help. Remember, your instructors want to invest in your success as a dancer! They want to see you win at everything you do. Don’t hesitate to ask your dance teacher for their thoughts and guidance as you take on a new dance goal.
  5. Seek Motivation! Take time to consider which types of dance you would have a fun time learning. Check out these inspiring dance routines to get started >